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3 Ways To Display Your Jute Sun Circles

Marquia Jisonna | 08 October, 2019

            Jute macrame sun circles, Maddi and Joan


Jute Sun Circles. You've been eyeing them and finally grabbed a set to add to your home. While you wait for that package to arrive, maybe you're wondering how you should display your new macrame piece? Here's 3 simple ways to display your Jute  Sun Circles that add a modern, urban vibe to any space.


~Abstract Pattern

jute sun circles displayed
jute wall decor, fiber art, Maddi and Joan

.Hang them vertical or in a pattern to draw the eye in.  Fiber art displayed in a modern way.


~Layered Pattern

Jute Sune Circles Living room

 Layer and connect each circle and create your own original piece of wall art. 


~Floating In Air 

jute sun circles hanging display
.Display your sun circles in an abstract way and hang them from the ceiling. Try hanging them all at the same height or adjust them in varying lengths. I used clear filament string to give a floating illusion for this macrame display.


There are so many ways you can display these pieces of wall decor. You can truly show off your boho style in a unique way. Check out our Jute Sun Circles and give one of these display options a try or create your own. These modern, textile pieces can add a artistic, urban vibe to any space.




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