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4 Fall Home Trends You'll Love For 2021

Marquia Jisonna | 01 September, 2021

            neutral fall living room with blankets, pillows, in a bright room with windows

Fall 2021 is here and you may be looking to update your space for the cozy months ahead. Check out these 4 decor trends you just might love.


       Cane, Wicker, Rattan

Cane Chair, Urban Outfitters,

These textures add such depth to furniture and make such a simple statement in any room. Materials like wicker and rattan look great in a neutral space as well as one with a ton of bold accents. Cane, in particular, has become increasingly popular in furniture again. Made from the outer part of the rattan tree, cane is actually an organic material. We're seeing it in headboards, chairs, etc.  All of these textures will help draw the eye in as a point of interest in any space.


.Earthy Tones, Deep Colors

terracotta wall color, boho room
Bringing the colors of nature in will never go out of style. Tans, greens, browns, these colors can really warm a space up and make it inviting. Colors that evoke the look and feel of the earth like this wall color in Cavern Clay (seen above) or this cinnamon colored Merino wool blanket (seen below) instantly bring you into a space that's oh so cozy.
L. L

Velvet Vibes

soft pink velvet couch with plants and frames in a white living room


Plush and soft for fall. Velvet just screams come sit down and snuggle with a cup of tea or cocoa. Some of these deep, rich colors we're seeing in velvet really bring out the lux. Try adding a big piece like this sofa that will stand out or start off with a statement chair or ottoman for just a little pop.


Touch Of Brass

glam living space with brass details


This metallic accent looks great with a variety of home decor styles and can be seen in various rooms. Picture brass pulls on your kitchen cabinets, brass planters scattered from room to room or just simple accents on furniture pieces like tables and chairs. Possibilities are endless.  

Add one or two of these new fall elements into your home and create a space that's cozy and makes a statement.

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