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Faves: Podcasts I Love Right Now And You Might Too!

Marquia Jisonna | 05 October, 2019

            podcast I love and you might too

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So who doesn't love podcasts right now. They have just exploded into this audible thing that you never had before but didn't know you needed it. With so many different genres from self-help, business, true crime, interviews and more there's something for everyone.
So I thought I'd share a few that have found a place in my queue right now. A round-up of a few podcasts I'm loving right now. Who knows you may just like them too. (In no particular order)


blood ties podcast

Blood Ties

This is a new one for me but I'm in it already. What I know so far- story of two siblings who lost their parents in a plane crash. Now they just might find out some truths about who they really were. I love a good true crime/ mystery.

Listen Here



amrchair expert with Dax Shepard

Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard

He's so real and he brings it out in all his guests. From celebrities like his co-stars from Parenthood to doctors and business people alike. Plus I love his wife KB from Veronica Mars days.

Listen Here


Dr. Death podcast

Dr. Death

This podcast grabbed me right from the beginning and I was hooked. Without giving too much away, it's a real-life story of a surgeon, malpractice, and the trail of gross negligence and pain that followed. It's shocking, horrible, and seems crazy that this is a true story. A must listen.

Listen Here


The Product Boss podcast

The Product Boss

Hands down one of the best podcasts out there for product-based entrepreneurs. With businesses under their belts, Jacqueline and Minna share so much knowledge and tips to get you started and keep going. They are so down to earth and offer no fluff advise for any small business looking to start, grow, and expand their business. These women rock and have been a continued resource in my small business journey.

Listen Here


divorce and other things you can handle podcast

Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle

 One of the first podcasts I started listening to at the point of my separation and divorce. Great advice with experts talking about everything from finding yourself again, finances after divorce, co-parenting and more. 

Listen Here



Podcasts have absolutely taken over. A great way to get your morning going or ease that evening commute going home. These are just a few podcasts I love right now that are worth a listen. Tell me, have you heard any of these? Tell me some of your favs!



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