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Creating A Easy DIY Flower Wall With Cut Flowers

It's not hard to fall in love with flowers. Most of us prefer certain types more than others but there's usually at least one flower you'll love. Of course my love of plants runs deep but spring/summer always shows me the beauty that flowers bring as well. Maybe my recent viewing of Growing Floret on HBO Max ( oh wait, it's just Max now lol) has inspired me as well. I've followed Floret Flowers for years and if you are a flower lover and don't know about them, check them out. You won't regret it. So just like living plant walls that help show off your propagations, flower walls are also a cool and modern way to add color and natural beauty to your space. Check out my easy way to create your own DIY Flower Wall.


Setting Up Your Flower Display

Adding Jute Circle Propagation Wall Sets to display
First, you'll want to figure out where you'd like to display your flowers then arrange a few or several sets of wall mounted hangings that can hold beautiful flowers for display. If you currently have a plant propagation wall that's an easy area you can switch out with flowers for a time. I like the idea of using individual wall mounts, typically used for propagations, instead of creating one flat flower display all together. Individual wall mounts with one or multiple holders, like our Jute Propagation Wall Sets, are perfect for this since they look great mixed with other propagation wall mounts and can easily be change out with different flowers.


Let's Shop Flowers

bundle of spring flowers
Next you'll want to grab yourself a bunch of flowers that speak to you in the moment and make you and your space feel happy. This could be a bunch of peonies, irises or daisies that you want to display or a combo of flowers found in your local market. 


Prepping Your Flowers

cutting flower stems to display
Depending on how many you want to display, take each flower and cut the stems on a 45 degree angle with a pair of clean, sharp scissors or shears.


removing leaves from cut flowers

Be sure to remove any leaves towards the bottom of the stems so they don't end up in the water as you display them.


adding flowers in water on wall mount

Once ready, start adding one or a few like flowers in each wall mounted display. 


flowers displayed on a wall

Now you have a fun, colorful display of cut flowers that you can enjoy every day hanging on your wall.  Change flowers as needed for a new and fresh look each time.


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