Who Is Maddi and Joan?

We're a female founded and owned brand that creates plant decor with a fun, bohemian edge. A place where a love for using eco friendly materials can meet modern style.

What We Value

Growth And Learning

It's essential to who we are because it's the spark that got us started. Whether it's learning about new materials and practices to support creating an eco friendly brand to trying, testing, and observing plant tips we can share


We're passionate about creating plant decor that incorporates naturals materials all while staying modern, functional and maybe a little bit whimsical

Caring About Your Experience

.From beginning to end and back again; it's important that we show you how much we care. Starting with making your decor to supporting you throughout the buying process and beyond

Building A Community Of Fun

We're all about that plant/botanical life so we love having some fun along that way. Because as you know, this plant life can be an up and down rollercoaster that we all love to be on. So sharing tips and encouraging each other with a bit of laughter makes it even better.

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A Little Bit About Me



Owner / creator here at Maddi and Joan. My journey into home decor began out of a renewed need for creativity. A pull to create a space that was now my own after a year of separation and divorce. I woke up one morning and just knew it was time to start something new. So I pulled out my laptop searching for something crafty, handmade, diy to try and one of the first things I saw was macrame. I headed to the craft store that day. Armed with some cord and videos online I gave it a shot. I began to learn the basics then moved into experimenting with various knots, different materials and I haven't stopped since.  
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It started with just a few macrame pieces. It's now expanded into a focus on plant decor with a variety of plant hangers and accessories for your plant babies. Pieces I hope you and your home will love.
We're just getting started.
Thanks for stopping by.
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