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Boho modern plant decor and accessories, made primarily with jute, for your home

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Beaded Boho jute plant hangers with a pothos

It's A Plant Thing...

Does your plant love runs deep? The beauty of them, the care for them, the occasional missteps that you learn from and start over again. My stance is you can never have too many plants! Even when your shelves are looking pretty filled. And if they are filled... seriously, that's what we're here for.


Owner of Maddi and Joan with plants and jute plant pole-profile pic

For The Love Of Jute

When I tell you I love working with jute, I absolutely mean it! It's the core of what I use to create. The challenge of manipulating the knots to make something special drew me in. But what really hooked me in? Its sustainability. Recyclable, biodegradable. I knew I wanted to create dope urban boho decor all while trying to leave a small footprint on the environment



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