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Should I Mist My Indoor Plants? Yes and No

Ok, so that might not be the clearest answer to this question. But the truth is, it actually really depends. So I'm going to keep this short and sweet and give you a few tips to this highly popular question. To mist or not to mist.

Which Indoor Plants Are Best For Misting?

The best thing to remember is if your plant comes from a humid place, ex: rainforests, areas that have high humidity, then your plant will likely love the humidity from misting. Always check out where the plant originates from and if it's a humidity lover. Remember, just because a place is hot doesn't mean it's humid so be careful to clarify the difference. Ex: Cacti + desert- likes low humidity

A few plants that love humidity are:

  • Spider plants
  • Ferns
  • Snake plants
  • Prayer plants
  • Philodendrons

Just to name a few.

Tips For Misting Your Indoor Plants

-Best time to mist is in the morning. Your plants will enjoy the humidity all day and can slowly dry out with the daylight.

-I've found that using rainwater for misting when I can is great. It's a perfect way to create a feel of their natural environment. However, filtered water is good too. Bottom line, the less chemicals the better. 

-Try to mist your plants when they are grouped together. Again, creating a feel of a natural habitat and thriving together. 

-You don't need to water and mist your plants at the same time. That will likely overdo it. You want to be careful not to create a space for root rot to develop or for disease or pests to grow. If you start to notice any of these, cut back on misting.


Misting your plants can be a great benefit under the right conditions. So give it a try with plants that are used to that type of environment and use your best judgement with how well/ or not it's working. Once you find that perfect balance, you and your plants will see the benefits of misting.