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6 Ways To Update Your Home For Spring

It's that time of year again. Spring is here! Time to get rid of the drab days of winter. We're all easing into 2023 with hopes of prosperity and renewal and it's a great time to bring that feeling into your home. Purging the things that no longer suit you and adding new life into your home. Check out these 6 easy steps for starting your spring refresh. 

Update Welcome Mat

welcome mat, funny welcome mat, spring updates
The snow, the rain, the mud.. depending on where you live it's all seen the welcome mat. Spring is a great time to change out your welcome mat and add a warm inviting feel to friends and family coming to visit.


Donating Clothes

VVA donation boxes- pick up please
Let's donate! Open up those closets, drawers,etc and remove what no longer fits or what's been there for ages with no play in your wardrobe. If you have kids,get them involved too. One place I like to donate to is a local program ,My Sister's Place, that helps women and children of domestic violence in my area. Check your local scene for donation options.  Another great option is donating to Vietnam Veteran of America -Pick Up Please. They will pick up boxes right from your home. They take a variety of items from clothing, home goods, etc (Take care to only donate lightly used items that aren't torn, dirty, etc) Pick up can be scheduled online for easy convenience which is great.


Update Shower Curtain

floral shower curtain, spring shower curtain
Spring is always a great time to change out your shower curtain. I prefer fabric curtains that I can wash throughout the year. But once spring hits it's usually time for a new one. It's a great way to update your bathroom with a new pop of color without doing a major overhaul. My most recent floral print curtain I purchased from Target. Subtle floral pattern in a muted grey color. Perfect for spring.


 New Plants

Plants are always a great way to update and bring life into your home. Big, small, many or just one. They help improve air quality and can bring a relaxing, calming feeling to any space. The possibilities are endless. From succulents and cacti to pothos and fiddle figs, you can find many different varieties out there. I love to check out my local plant shops for cool, interesting plants ( like this Philodendron Squamiferum attached to a Jute Plant Pole but even shops like Lowes carry plants you might love. 


candles on display-CopperCulDesac
 I love candles!. They just bring a warm, inviting feeling to any space. The smell they give to your home can be incredible and very calming. Usually for spring there's always new scents for the season. My favorite candles right now are from The Copper Cul De Sac.  A fabulous small business that creates non toxic candles made from coco- apricot wax. They are fragrant as well as giving a clean burn. From the eco friendly packaging down to the great customer service; they are a great option for your candle needs. Plus they are perfect to reuse later.


 Throw Pillows And Blankets

Throw pillows and blankets, spring home updates
Add a pop of color or cool new pattern to your living room. New throw pillows or blankets are perfect for just that. A lightweight throw is great for snuggles with the kids or your love on those cool nights. Always on trend and a great compliment to dark or light furniture.

Get started with these 6 steps and bring that new spring life into your home. Spring doesn't just have to feel good outside. It's time to bring that renewed feeling into your home too. Let's get started. Happy Spring!

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