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5 Plants That Will Love Living In Your Bathroom

It's often forgotten but a bathroom can be a great place for houseplants. It's an ideal spot for plants that will love the moisture and humidity. Since some bathrooms tend to have zero to minimum amounts of sunlight coming in, finding plants that can tolerate low or indirect light is best. Take a look at these 5 plants that will surely thrive living in your bathroom.
 snake plant
1-SNAKE PLANT- Sansevieria Trifasciata
A plant favorite that doesn't need much attention. Snake plants can do well with indirect light, will maintain in the humidity and grow in almost any space.
golden pothos, beaded boho plant hanger, Maddi and Joan
2- GOLDEN POTHOS - Epipremnum Aureum
An absolute lover of humidity. Pothos (like this one in a Jute Plant Hangers ) will definitely thrive in this space. They do like indirect light but even artificial light will help this plant maintain. Give it some love and you'll have this plant trailing around your bathroom in no time.
Bromeliad, bathroom plants, Maddi and Joan
This tropical plant with its gorgeous bright colors will love the moisture and humidity in the air. Give it some bright light and she'll show off that pop of color in any bathroom.
spider plants, bathroom plants
4- SPIDER PLANT -Chlorophytum Comosum
Another easy going plant that's fairly low maintenance, spider plants won't mind the humidity in a bathroom. Its ability to maintain in low light conditions can make this plant perfect for those poorly lit spaces.However, if you can give it some bright, indirect light it will really shine. Before you know it your spider plant will start producing a bunch of cute baby plants you can show off and/or propagate down the line.
air plants, bathroom plants
5- AIR PLANTS- Tillandsia
Add pops of greenery in your bathroom with these cute plants. Extremely low maintainance, they will love the humidity and moisture your bathroom can provide. No soil needed, display a few on a shelf and you're all set.
Your bathroom doesn't have to miss out on all the plant love. Create a calming, boho vibe in a space your plants will love.


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