Best Tips To Care For Your Indoor Plants-Redfin Feature

Marquia Jisonna | 31 July, 2021 | 1 Comment

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Whether you're a long time plant parent or a complete newbie to the plant game; having a good foundation of care tips for your indoor plant babies is essential. Bringing plants into your home has so many benefits. When you have a set of proven tips to help take care of them, it's easier to make plants a part of your home.

Plant Care Tips

One of our biggest plant care tips is remembering to rotate your plants at least one a week. This allows sunlight even access to all the plant leaves and help prevent leaning.

Need a comprehensive list of plant tips to keep your home plants thriving?

Redfin, one of the most renowned real estate listing platforms out now, pulled together an amazing list of plant care tips for your home. Gaining insight from experts from across the US to Canada, check out their guide to Indoor Plant Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner.


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06 August, 2021

Diane Graham

The plant maintenance tips are extremely helpful. I started nurturing plants at the height of the pandemic and I’ve become somewhat obsessed caring for them and trying to ensure that I don’t over/under water. I’ve made a few mistakes, but that’s part of the plant journey to learn what and what not to do. And it’s rewarding to see the plants thrive! The only problem is, I’m running out of space in my apartment to put more plants; so I’ll have to think of a solution.

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