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Easy Steps To Water And Care For Your Air Plants

Not Sure How To Water Your Air Plants?

These cuties come in so many sizes and different varieties but are pretty low maintenance. Setting aside one day a week to water your air plants is all you need.  Check out my simple steps on how to water and take care of your air plants.
taking care of air plants-holding different varieties

Watering Air Plants

bowls with water to clean air plants, Maddi and Joan
Grab a bowl or 2 and fill it a little over half way with clean, lukewarm water.


adding air plants to a bowl of water
Start adding your air plants then allow them to soak for about 15 minutes.
30-45 minutes in warmer weather.


place air plants on a drying rack
In the meantime, grab a rack or tray and cover it with wax paper, parchment or even paper towels. Once they've had a good soak, take each air plant out and place them sitting upside down on the rack or on their side. 


air plants after watering on a tray
Give your air plants a few hours to dry and let go of any excess water. This helps to avoid any chance of root rot. (P.S. This method works for our Mounted Air Plants too since cork bark is essentially waterproof and rot resistant.)


Jute Plant Pod with air plant


 Once dry, feel free to put them back on display like in a Jute Plant Pod.  You're all set. 
Clean, hydrated air plants. Don't have time for soaking one week, grab a spray bottle with clean water and give your air plants a good spray. It will help keep them happy.
Hot Tip: display your air plants in bright but indirect sunlight. They'll love it! Air plants are an easy way to add small pops of plant life to any space in your home all while being oh so easy to maintain. So grab a few, give them some love each week and watch them thrive. 


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