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Summer Plant Care Tips

Summer is in full swing. Sunny (sometimes extremely hot) days and warm summer nights. Your plants are probably loving this time too because this is typically their growing season. With this, it's best to remember that what worked during the cooler months for your plants will probably need a bit of an adjustment right now. Check out a few summer plant care tips we think might help your plants live their best lives this season.

Let's Get Hydrated

With the warmer temperatures your plants are looking for a bit more water that usual. So adjusting your watering schedule and checking their levels more often is probably a must. My moisture meter is my best friend and helps me check the levels with all my plants. Even when the frequency of watering increases, it's best to water you plants in the early morning or evenings when  the sun is not so high. Early mornings have worked best for me but find what works for you and keep your plant babies hydrated.

Fertilize Baby

It's growing season and your plants will love and thrive with the addition of fertilizer. The nutrients are such a benefit to the overall health of plants. There are so many options out there to choose from so take a minute to read up on which you'd prefer. My go to right now is Arber plant food which uses recycled grocery store waste to build a formula that helps give plants the energy and nutrients they need.

Clean Your Leaves

Making sure your leaves are clean is essential all year round. It keeps the leaves clear to let sunlight in and help them photosynthesize. It's also a great means for pest control since you're paying attention to the leaves to see any changes. I like using a microfiber cloth or gloves to remove dust. To give the leaves a shine and protect them from pesky critters, I use a mixture of water, neem oil  and a bit of dish detergent. Give the leaves a spray and wipe top and bottom.

Dodge The AC

Keep your plants away from close contact with forced air. That sudden blast of air from hot to cold can put stress on a plant which will affect a plant. Keep plants a few feet away from an AC unit and try to keep the environment at a steady, comfortable level.


Just a few tips to keep your plants summer happy this season. Try them out, enjoy and happy summer plant season.

Have any tips that are must do's for your plants this summer? Drop them in the comments. I'd love to hear them.