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Easy Way To Clean Your Plant Leaves

One regular but easy task you should do with your indoor plants is cleaning their leaves. Over time plant leaves can collect dust, dirt and even dreaded pests which are all things we want to avoid collecting. Layers of dirt and dust minimizes the amount of sunlight your plant leaves absorb which is not good for the cycle of photosynthesis. Also, cleaning your leaves helps rid unwanted pests and prevents them from settling in and spreading. Check out our easy tips to cleaning your plant leaves below.
When's The Best Time To Clean Leaves
Whenever I get a new plant I always make sure to check and clean the leaves when I get it home. This can help eliminate bringing pests into the house and possibly spreading them. For a regular routine I usually try to clean my plant leaves every other watering. However, I consistently look at my leaves throughout the week.
How To Clean Your Plant Leaves
It doesn't take much to clean your leaves and give them a nice shine. I gather a few basic materials to get started.
  • A clean, soft cloth or microfiber gloves/cloth
  • Pure Castille Soap (I like to use peppermint or citrus for cleaning generally but there's a variety you could try)
  • Spray bottle
    items to clean plant leaves
    I start off by adding about a 2 cups of lukewarm water to my spray bottle followed by 3-4 drops of Castille Soap. Gently shake the bottle to mix and it's ready to go. I've heard some people like to add vinegar, lemon juice or even some type of essential oil to the mix. I'd say figure out what combo you love but I recommend always starting with a base of Castille Soap and water.

    cleaning plant leaves with a cloth

    Once ready, lightly spray each leaf. Then using your soft cloth, gently wipe each leaf on top and underneath. This helps to remove any dust and /or pests that might be hanging out allowing your plant to remain pest free and let that sunlight absorb in.
    Quick Tip: If you're cleaning multiple plants at once try to use a different cloth or clean your cloth with soap and hot water in between. This way you're not possibly spreading anything from plant to plant.
     Cleaning Your Big Plants Or When You Need To Clean A Lot All At Once
    Easy, give your plants a nice shower. This is a great way to knock off dirt and pests especially on bigger plants like Fiddle Leaf Figs, Elephant Ears or even long trailing plants. Using a shower is also great when you just don't have time to wipe each one down individually. Again, make sure the water is lukewarm. Then use your shower head to cover and spray your plant leaves making sure to rotate your plant around so you cover all of the plant. Let them air dry them move them back to their home.

    cleaning plant leaves in a shower

    Cleaning your plant leaves is an easy and beneficial way to watch the health of your plant leaves plus keep your babies bright and shiny.

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