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3 Love-Filled Plants For Valentine's Day

Yes, flowers are usually a norm for Valentine's Day but what about a plant or two this year. Giving a plant is a great alternative that won't die out after a few days. A great way to show your enduring love. Plus plants add overall style and decor to a space, create a feeling of peace and natural beauty, and let's not forget they are great purifiers for the home.
Here's 3 ideas for plants that you can give your love this Valentine's Day.
Hoya Heart

Hoya Heart plant on a table

There's no way to deny showing your love with this heart shaped beauty. This hearty plant is pretty easy to maintain. It enjoys full sun but is ok in bright indirect light. It loves well draining soil and it's best to water when it's close to dry. It might hold on to only one leaf for awhile but in the right conditions they can start to grow multiple heart cuties.
String Of Hearts

String of Hearts on a shelf

This trailing plant with the cutest heart shaped leaves may look delicate but it's not too hard to care for.  It loves bright indirect light and should mostly dry out between watering. Their thin vines will look beautiful trailing from a shelf or attached to a trellis like this cute Heart Shaped Jute Plant Trellis.
Pink Aglaonema Lady Valentine

Lady Valentine Pink Aglaonema

A rosy hue with some lush green showing though. This plant is a pretty addition to any plant space. Perfect for easy care, give this plant medium light and water when the top half of the soil is dry. This "Lady Valentine" looks like sweet nothings on a beautiful Sunday morning.
Why not try something different this year. Give the gift of love that can last, plant love.