Displaying Eucalyptus In Your Home

Marquia Jisonna | 10 March, 2022

            a bundle of eucalyptus in hand

If you landed here then you love eucalyptus like me and/or your curious on how to incorporate them into your space. This natural foliage is just a beautiful addition to
any home in it's natural state. For me, they also bring on a memory that reminds me of my grandmother so it's a total win win. Displayed alone or combined with varies dried florals; they will definitely make a statement. Plus let's not forget the amazing benefits eucalyptus provide.  Here's a few ways you can add a bit of eucalyptus into your home.

Vase Display

eucalyptus in a vase on a table

Bring eucalyptus together in a vase solo or with a few other natural additions. Add it to a mantel, coffee table or desk for a modern display.

Tablescape Elements

spring tablescape with eucalyptus, dried citrus and jute coasters
Mini dinner party in the works? Adding sprigs of eucalyptus to a tablescape adds a bit of texture to any table. Mix in some dried citrus for contrasting color along with a set of jute coasters and you've got a natural, boho table you'll love.

Shower Spa

Adding eucalyptus to your shower is a whole vibe. Not only does it look great but the combination of eucalyptus with steam from the shower is great for respiratory health/ natural decongestant as well as just an all around stress reliever. Plus its a super easy addition to add to your bathroom space.
eucalyptus bundle for home laying on a gray table
Purchase a bundle of eucalyptus from your favorite florist or every grocery stores like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods will carry full bundles in stock.
rolling out eucalyptus to release scent
Before hanging, lay out your bundle. Grab a rolling pin or even a bottle of wine and gently roll over the leaves to open up the oils/scent from the eucalyptus.
tying eucalyptus bundle for hanging
Pull your bundle together and tie with a piece of string like jute, butcher's string or even some thin ribbon will do.
hanging eucalyptus in a shower
Tie the bundle to your shower head taking care to keep the eucalyptus out of the direct stream of water. You're all set.
.Whether you have a fancy upgraded bathroom or a subtle bathroom space, it's an instant upgrade.  Give it a try and enjoy these beauties and their benefits.
.Tell me, how will you add eucalyptus to your space this season?

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