How To Clean Your Burlap Plant Covers

Marquia Jisonna | 20 September, 2022

            burlap plant cover by Maddi and Joan

Burlap Plant Covers. These modern decorative plant bags are an easy way to cover up those boring nursery pots. Or add a bit of boho vibe into your plant space. Burlap is essentially a woven fabric made from jute. It's sturdy, natural and eco friendly.  But how would you clean these eco friendly covers if needed? Check out our care tips below.
The most important thing to remember is DO NOT machine wash burlap plant covers. Even though burlap is a sturdy material, combined with excessive water is can become brittle and fall apart.
Gentle spot cleaning is the best way to go if needed.
Material for cleaning burlap plant covers
Materials needed to clean Burlap Plant Bags:
-Clean white rag
-Mild dish detergent (I prefer Dawn)
-A sheet of paper towel
dirt on burlap bag/blog how to clean
If you notice a small spot of dirt on your Burlap Plant Cover start off by tapping the area to remove any loose dirt that might be caught between the fibers.
paper towel under dirt spot on burlap/ how to clean burlap blog
Place a sheet of paper towel inside the bag cover underneath where your spot of dirt is located.
add detergent to white cloth for cleaning/ how to clean burlap blog
Take your white cloth and add a small drop of detergent on it.
Dip the cloth with detergent in some water to get it damp but do not soak it. You should notice a very slight lather.
Gently tapping burlap to clean with cloth/ cleaning burlap blog
Then gently begin to dab the area with the cloth to remove the dirt. You should start to see the dirt lift up. Dab the inside area of the bag if needed.
Do not rub or scrub the area as it could damage the fiber.
burlap drying after cleaning- cleaning burlap blog
Once clean allow the area to air dry. DO NOT place your bag into the dryer.
burlap dry after spot cleaning/ cleaning burlap blog
That's it. Burlap clean and dry. Use these easy steps to spot clean and remove slight dirt from a Burlap Plant Cover. 

burlap plant cover in natural and cocoa brown with plants

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