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Using A Jute Plant Pole-The Moss Alternative

Using a jute plant pole can lift your trailing plants up from the floor all while helping support your plant's growth. There are many options of poles for plants including a moss pole, bamboo stakes, coir pole, trellises and metal poles to name a few. However, one of our favorites is a Jute Plant Pole. It's sturdy, modern with a boho vibe and eliminates the need to constantly maintain it like a moss pole. If you have a jute plant pole or you're thinking about getting one, check out how to use a Jute Plant Pole to show off and support your plants.
Jute plant pole ready to go in a plant pot
You'll want to start off with the plant you're looking to attach to the pole, a jute plant pole and some plant velcro or wire to help secure it to the pole.
The best time to add a jute plant pole is when you are repotting a plant. The pot is free and clear and it's easy to position the pole inside the pot.
adding jute plant pole inside a plant pot
To get started you'll want to figure out the placement of your pole and plant. When your soil mix is ready, you should put the pole in place then add soil a little under half way up depending on the size of the pot. You'll then want to add your plant inside and around the pole setting the roots in. Continue to add soil until you're almost at the top of the pot.
If you want to add a jute pole when you're not repotting you can do that too. You'll need to gently figure out a space inside your soil where the roots won't be disturbed too much. This is key. Then slowly wiggle the pole in place. I like to use this method when I'm watering the plant just because the water will help settle down the soil to stabilize the plant pole.
tying plant stems to a jute plant pole
Ok, so you have the pole in now it's time to secure the plant to the pole. Gently lift the stem(s) of your plant and rest it against the pole. Then using your plant velcro or wire you need to secure it in place. Making sure to not damage the stems in the process. Continue up the pole until your stems are in place.
Once complete, I like to give the plant a good mist just to give it a little boost of humidity. Again, this is not a moss pole so soaking it is one less step you don't need to do. I've personally had one plant where an aerial root did attach to a jute pole because I wanted to see what would happen if I kept adding moisture to that part of the pole. But the alternative to a moss pole is to not have to maintain it's moisture constantly. Also, if you ever wanted to remove the jute pole you wouldn't need to take time trying to gently detach aerial roots from the pole like with moss.
So whether you use a mixture of moss poles and jute poles for your plants or just jute poles; it's an easier, low maintenance alternative to bring your trailing plants up off the floor and standing tall.
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misting plant on jute plant pole